Finding ‘Me’ Again

“Self-confidence is an amazing thing.”

So everyone, guess what I heard this morning? It was Patsy Cline singing “Crazy” and I had to laugh at her words. That song was about me folks. Every word she sang was my life. Blind out of my mind as well as crazy, is what I had to be not to realize that Walter didn’t love me. Thank goodness I got a clue and stopped crying over him sooner rather than later.

The novelty of my makeover still hasn’t worn off and I’m really working at keeping up the changes that I have made. Since I was new to the type of maintenance I would need to keep myself in order, the stylist made sure she thought me all the shortcuts to use to get the best outcome. Thanks to her I could get my makeup done in ten minutes. This was nothing short of amazing when it came to me. Before, whenever I did my makeup, I used to look into the mirror and see a clown looking back at me. I stopped trying. No more of that. What I’m seeing now is vastly different. Self-confidence is an amazing thing.

I want to tell you more about my first day back at work since my makeover and the reaction is what my kids would call, epic. Quite a few people had whiplash from turning their heads around too quickly and I was smiling so hard my cheeks were near splitting. I took my time, waited, and sure enough, the malicious crew came creeping forward trying to get the dirt…..

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