Life Begins at Forty

“Go tell the house ‘Happy Birthday’ Walter because you can’t be giving this to me.”

The big 4 – 0 has finally arrived. So what was I going to do with myself? Truthfully I didn’t have a clue. Saying you are going to make a change and being all excited about the idea is easy. Actually changing is the hard part. It is when you’re sitting there asking yourself, “What am I going to do?”, that the truth pops up in your face like a melon size pimple.

For once I have really opened my eyes and started to look around me, and when you look you see. That is how I struck up on the ultimate idea. How about I go and spend the week at a hotel doing the spa thing? Yes people I said it, the spa thing. Once the idea came to me I started to plan. Where, but most of all when?

The when, ended up being the week following my birthday. The where, a lovely hidden away hotel, with a to-die-for spa. It was the perfect place to cater to me, myself and I. It cost a mint, but frankly I didn’t give a fly on a hippo’s butt. For too long I allowed myself to be pushed into the background and I smile while I plotted my rebirth…..

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