All Exposed

Things are going at a rapid pace as we investigate the four people we have found out are stealing from....


More Revealed

Mr. Divine listened while Trask gave him an explanation of what he found. This was not a case of a person being in a tight spot and....

Gauntlet Down

David Trask had a lot to take in from the information we revealed. Photo by Alvin Mahmudov on Unsplash David Trask was looking at Mr. Divine, the burning need to ask questions evident. What he had just found out was shocking, and I knew it would force him to step back and think about what... Continue Reading →

Operation Re-Educate

I stood waiting at the bar for a glass of wine. Photo by Sandra Seitamaa on Unsplash I smoothed down my dress and looked around the busy event we were attending. We were, as suggested by Kylie, here to start Mr. Trask’s re-education. As I looked around the event I went over our plan in... Continue Reading →


When we got home and entered the house I watched Mr. Divine. There was a wariness in the way he carried his body that suggested he.....

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